Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor



Basic Info:

Permanent magnet synchronous motor is high efficiency and energy-saving motor design, a magnetic field with permanent magnet material, without excitation current, without excitation winding, not only high efficiency, and simple structure, reliable operation, small volume, lightweight can also do. It can achieve high performance for traditional electric excitation motors ( such as high efficiency, high speed, high response speed). It can be made into a particular motor that can meet the requirements of a specific operation.

Application Scope:

It can be widely used in machinery, fans, pumps, textile, chemical, petroleum, electric power, compressor, injection molding machine, grinder, etc.

Performance Characteristics:

  1. The rotating speed is constant for the synchronous speed.
  2. High power factor: 1.0through good design can achieve the ultimate value.
  3. Small volume, lightweight, lower noise.
  4. High efficiency, regular operation, rotor winding copper consumption, the high power factor can make the stator current is small, the stator winding copper loss is small.
  5. Maintaining a constant speed and motor frequency can simplify the control system.
  6. Multistage, low-speed high torque motor can be made, with a direct-drive type cancel gearbox, without gear transmission.
  7. Wide speed range, high speed of 10000r/min.