Roller Chain Coupling



A roller chain coupling is a mechanical device composed of a double-strand roller chain and two modified sprockets. The design is simple and highly effective, despite its small size, and is composed of a robust chain and specially cut, hardened-tooth sprockets that allow a high amount of torque to be transmitted. Our unique single-pin connection design, available only from Tsubaki, makes installing and handling a roller chain coupling simple. The single-pin design allows the chain to be uninstalled and reinstalled quickly and efficiently, reducing labor needs and minimizing downtime.

Benefits of roller chain coupling

1. compact and powerful

In a roller chain coupling, torque is distributed across the combined mating surfaces of each chain and sprocket pitches, which allows the collar to handle a high amount of torque for its size. The chain connects closely with the sprockets for a highly compact and lightweight coupling that transmits torque with the utmost efficiency.

2. safe and smart

Our compact roller chain couplings are housed in an aluminum casing that clamps to the sprocket hubs and rotates with the body of the collar without the need for bolts or other projections. The coupling chain itself is easy to install and remove using a single connecting pin, so you save on installation labor and downtime.

3. easy alignment

Traditional rigid couplings require exact alignment between the coupled posts when working with shafts in a drive. Roller chain couplings introduce much-needed flexibility with clearances both in the chain and between the chain and sprocket teeth. With this added mobility, even with minor misalignment, chain couplings can operate smoothly and responsively, reducing the potential for overheating and wear common in more rigid coupling designs. The operation of roller chain couplings is less affected by unavoidable shaft expansion and contraction. The flexibility and easy alignment of the drive shafts when using chain couplings will save time and money on equipment repairs and replacements.

4. unique structure

roller chain coupling design is engineered to keep production lines up and running. Our specialized dual-strand roller chain features a single-pin connector for straightforward installation. We use only the highest quality materials for our precision hardened sprockets and dual set-screws to lock your system in place. The ease of installation and the exceptional strength of the roller chain and sprocket components make Tsubaki’s roller chain couplings ideal for almost any power transmission application.

How to install a roller chain coupling?

Roller chain coupling features a unique single-pin design that simplifies the installation process substantially. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Install oil seal to each hub
  2. Adjust the alignment of the shafts and coupling components
  3. Adjust the distance between the sprocket faces
  4. Thoroughly lubricate the coupling chain
  5. Install chain to couplings using the single-pin connecting link
  6. Firmly close and fasten the cover of the collar (optional, depending on operating conditions)

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Industry application

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