Fluid drive coupling (Hydrodynamic coupling)


Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 57 x 57 x 70 cm
Model KSDF
Size 13
Input Bore CON
Fusible Plug 140
Special Bearing N
Speed Control N
Hydrodynamic Circuit RING
Pulley Diameter 250
Pulley Groove # 6
Pulley Groove Type SPB/B
Dynamic Balance N
Catalog 145_GB
Catalog Page 22

A fluid drive coupling is used as starting collars in drives with high mass moments of inertia of the driven machine. It is operated based on the FOTTINGER principle. The motion of the vortex formed inside the coupling and the driving motion outside the collar is the two main operating factor of the yoke.

• It is used in automotive industries for the transmission of power from the engine to the wheel as an alternative to a clutch
• It is used in marine propulsion systems
• It is used in various industries for the power transmission

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