Nylon Chain Couplings



The Nylon chain couplings can stand a wide range of rugged conditions, are corrosion-resistant, and no lubrication. It consists of a plastic chain (polyacetal) and two coupling sprockets. They are widely used throughout the food and textile industry.

Features & Benefits

• No Lubrication – Not dirt catching problem of grease
• Corrosion Resistance – Plastic chain Couplings are recommended where corrosion is a problem
• Quiet Operation – Runs quieter than metal couplings
• Safe Operation – Smooth outer surface of plastic chain
• Economical-Cost less to install and maintain


• Temperature range from -5°C to 65°C
• Angular misalignment = 1°
• Total end float of 1mm
• Parallel misalignment =0.12mm

chain coupling-4