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Our experts and engineers have 23 years of Encounter in the Bearing Industry. Our item variety involves all varieties of helical equipment, spur equipment, bevel gear, equipment rack, worm equipment, sprockets,chains, bearings. Ever-Energy Team CO., LTD. IS Specialist IN Generating ALL Varieties OF MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION AND HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION LIKE: PLANETARY GEARBOXES, WORM REDUCERS, IN-LINE HELICAL Equipment Velocity REDUCERS, PARALLEL SHAFT HELICAL Gear REDUCERS, HELICAL BEVEL REDUCERS, HELICAL WORM Gear REDUCERS, AGRICULTURAL GEARBOXES, TRACTOR GEARBOXES, Vehicle GEARBOXES, PTO Drive SHAFTS, Specific REDUCER & Related Equipment Components AND OTHER Related Products, SPROCKETS, HYDRAULIC System, VACCUM PUMPS, FLUID COUPLING, Equipment RACKS, CHAINS, TIMING PULLEYS, UDL Speed VARIATORS, V PULLEYS, HYDRAULIC CYLINDER, Equipment PUMPS, SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS, SHAFT COLLARS Lower BACKLASH WORM REDUCERS AND SO ON. EPTT Feeding EPT Slotting and Die-Reducing EPTT

Thorough configuration and complex parameters
EPTT overall performance
#8226 Pc control can store common orders, modify orders more quickly and operate more conveniently.
#8226 All EPT rolls are created of high quality steel, hard chrome plated, and grinding.
#8226 Oil computerized balXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) gadget keeps the oil in every device at the exact same degree.

one.paper feeding unit (one particular group)
(1) EPTT wheel box major edge paper feeding system.
A. Four-aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s leading edge paper feeding, improve enthusiast stream, and maintain accurate velocity when feeding at large velocity and minimal velocity.
B. Modify the airflow and force in four methods to match the cardboard measurement.
C. Positioning from the JCEP to decrease paper feed errors and boost the accuracy of paper feeding, printing and slotting.
D. JCEP control of still left and rigEPTT facet baffles, pc adjustment.
E. Rear pallet holEPTTelectric control JCEP and back.
F. Manual adjustment of the JCEP cease cardboard hole.
G. Paper can be fed continually or separately. (Ongoing or individual sheets can be picked as essential).
H. Paper feed counter, set, show the manufacturing quantity.
(two) paper feeding upper and lower rollers
A. higher roll outer diameter of 155mm, metal pipe floor wrapped use-resistant rubber, balance correction
B. Lower roll: The outer diameter is 155mm. The surface area of the paper feed roller is embossed and hardened.
C. Feeding force roller adjustment gap is modified by self-locking construction, the adjustment assortment is -12mm.
D. The EPTT EPTT of the force roller adopts the rolling cross coupling EPTT to decrease the wear and make the EPTT far more well balanced.
(three) EPTT clutch, computerized return zero device
A. The EPT shaft is geared up with a friction clutch to stay away from malfunction and hurt the EPTT.
B. Main motor start off protection gadget (when the EPTT is not locked, the major unit can not start off running).
C. Paper feeding unit, printing unit and slotting unit are EPTly and instantly reset to zero.
D. The EPTT carton uses the computerized zeroing unit. It can be modified to the proper position by printing one or two sheets of paperboard to minimize the squander of cardboard.
5. Dust removal device, the printing plate can not stick to impurities throughout printing to reduce the variety of plate wiping.
six. The EPTT foremost edge system does not ruin the energy of the cardboard.

two. EPT device

(one) printing roller
A. The outer diameter is 395.6mm.
B. is manufactured of large high quality steel with surface area grinding and challenging chrome plating.
C. Equilibrium correction, easy procedure.
D. Reel hanging edition, utilizing the remaining and rigEPTT locking devices to make the hanging edition much more accurate.
E. complete model of the hanging groove, ideal for 10mm hanging strips.
F. Loading and unloading the printing plate, the electric powered manage of the foot swap Optimistic reverse.
(two) EPT pressure roller
A. outer diameter is 176mm
B. The surface area of the steel pipe is floor and difficult chrome plated.
C. EPTT balance correction, sleek operation.
D. Stress roller gap adjustment adopts self-locking construction adjustment, the adjustment range is -12mm.
(3) EPT anilox roller (a few group)220 mesh two models, 250 mesh one particular unit.
A. The outer diameter is 200mm.
B. The surface area of the steel pipe adopts EPTd electroplating chrome method, which is hard, sleek and use-resistant.
C. The dots are steady and the ink is even.
D. Increase the lifestyle of plates and rubber rollers.
E.The adjustment of the anilox roller hole is altered by the self-locking framework , and the adjustment range is -12mm.
(4) EPT roller (a few team)
A. The outer diameter is 195mm.
B. The surface area of the metal pipe is wrapped with use-resistant rubber.
C. The rubber roller has higher EPTT grinding and very good ink transfer influence.
D. EPT roller gap adjustment adopts self-locking structure adjustment, the adjustment range is -12mm.
(5) section adjustment system
A. Planetary EPT structure.
B. EPT period adopts electric EPTT control 360 degree adjustment (can be modified both in running and quit.) The adjustment benefit is much more accurate.
C.The lateral section of the printing roller is electric adjusted, and the adjustment assortment is plusmn10mm.
D. EPT plate roller adopts electric adjustment stage, quickly adjustment speed and high precision of adjustment.
(six)Feeding paper roll
A. The higher paper feeding roller, with an outer diameter of 125mm, is manufactured of substantial-good quality metal challenging chrome-plated and outfitted with three wrenches, and the shaft can be rotated to any place with adjustable paper XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. wheels.
B. Paper feed lower roller, outer diameter is 155mm, the paper XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller is plated with difficult chrome.
C. The adjustment of the paper XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller gap is modified by the self-locking construction , and the adjustment range is -10mm.
(seven) ink circulation framework
A. EPT diaphragm pump, secure ink supply, easy operation and servicing.
B. Ink filter to filter impurities.
C. Lower ink alarm.
D. When printing, the rubber roller can comply with the preset speed and rotate at a continual pace to improve printing clarity.
(8) printing phase fiXiHu (West EPT) system
A. The pneumatic brake system is adopted. When the unit is separated and modified for phase or cleaning, the brake mechanism restrictions the EPT rotation and maintains the set situation of the original EPT situation.
B. The EPTT EPTT of the force roller adopts the rolling cross coupling EPTT to reduce the dress in and make the EPTT far more secure.

three. Slotting device (1 group)

(1) One-aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s double-knife slotting, the heigEPTT of the box is altered by inside teeth, so that the lubricating oil is not effortless to contaminate the carton.
A. The diameter of the push-line shaft is 110mm large-high quality metal, grinding and processing, and the surface is plated with challenging chrome.
B. The cardboard right after pre-urgent is not straightforward to be crushed.
C. The adjustment of the pressure roller is modified by the self-locking structure , and the adjustment assortment is -12mm.
(two) The horizontal movement adjustment system of the slotting tool holEPTTadopts a screw rod and a linear XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. sleeve to make the motion much more fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble and exact. The pre-urgent wheel and the real urgent wheel adopt quick-change gadgets.
A.Slotted cutter shaft is created of 156mm higher-top quality metal, floor and challenging chrome plated.
B. Slotting knife width 7mm.
C.Slotting adopt a few knives transferring adjustment.
C. Slotting knife clearance adjustment adopts self-locking framework adjustment, the adjustment selection is -10mm. .
(3) Slotted section adjustment mechanism.
A. Planetary EPT structure.
B. The slotted period is adjusted by computer manage (operation, cease, and adjustment).Laptop and button twin method adjustment.

four. Die chopping unit (a single group)

(one) EPT pad roller mechanical reversing 40mm swimming transverse construction.
A. The outer diameter of the pad roller is phi404mm.
B. EPT pad roller is created of large high quality steel with surface grinding and difficult chrome plating.
C. Equilibrium correction to enhance operational steadiness.
D. The thickness of the pad is 8mm and the width is 250mm.
E. The clearance among the pad roller and the die roll is adjusted by the self-locking construction, and the adjustment range is -16mm.
F. EPT pad roller automated compensation framework, automated control pad roller velocity.
G. EPT pad roller slicing and flattening composition, retaining the rubber pad roller flat.
(2) die roll phi487mm
A. The die roll is produced of substantial good quality steel with a surface end and tough chrome plating.
B. EPTT equilibrium correction, boost operational stability.
C. The length amongst the screw holes of the die established is 100mm in the horizontal route and twenty equal in the radial direction.
D. Relevant strain line heigEPTT is 22.60mm.
E. EPT template thickness 13mm, blade heigEPTT 25.4mm
(three) Die-reduce period adjustment system
A. Planetary EPT development
B. Die-cut stage adopts electric EPTT control 360 degree adjustment (operation, end can be modified)
(4) XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis. roller hole adjustment adopts self-locking composition adjustment, adjustment range -12mm
A. The EPTT EPTT of the paper XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller adopts the rolling cross coupling EPTT to lessen the put on and make the EPTT a lot more stable.

four. Stacker unit

A. The paper getting can be operated immediately or manually.
B. The left and rigEPTT alignment system for receiving paper makes the cardboard stack a lot more neatly, and the stack heigEPTT is 1700mm.
C. The bed is EPTn by EPTTful EPTs.
D. The paper obtaining system is outfitted with an anti-drop device when ascending to make certain the security of the operator.
E. The paper acquiring pallet is operated by air pressure. When the cardboard is stacked to a predeterEPTd height, the obtaining pallet routinely extends to help the cardboard.
F. Flat wrinkled belt to prevent the cardboard from sliding down.
G. The belt of the receiving arm can be altered separately for tightness without getting limited by the length of the belt.

five. the main specialized parameters

Product number: 1224
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum mechanical velocity: 220 sheets / moment
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum paper feed dimension: 1200mmX2600mm
Bare minimum paper feed measurement: 350mmX500mm
Sheet skip feed dimension: 1400mmx2600mm
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum printing area: 1200mmx2400mm
Least slot gap 250mmx70mmx250mmx70mm
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum groove depth 320mm
Wall panel thickness: 50mm
Paper feeding precision: plusmn1.0mm
EPT accuracy: plusmn0.5mm
Slotting precision: plusmn1mm
Main motor EPTT: eighteen.5KW
Total EPTT: 29KW

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